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 * Cliff Matthews, for giving me a reason to start this project. :)
  -- Executor rocks!  *grin*
-* Scott Call, for making a home for SDL on the 'Net... Thanks! :)
 * The Linux Fund, C Magazine, Educational Technology Resources Inc.,
   Gareth Noyce, Jesse Pavel, Keith Kitchin, Jeremy Horvath, Thomas Nicholson,
   Hans-Peter Gygax, the Eternal Lands Development Team, Lars Brubaker,
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 * Tim Jones for the new look of the SDL website
-* Marco Kraus for setting up SDL merchandise
-* Martin Donlon for his work on the SDL Documentation Project
 * Ryan Gordon for helping everybody out and keeping the dream alive. :)
 * Mattias Engdegård, for help with the Solaris port and lots of other help
-* Max Watson, Matt Slot, and Kyle for help with the MacOS Classic port
-* Stan Shebs, for the initial Mac OS X port
 * Eric Wing, Max Horn, and Darrell Walisser for unflagging work on the Mac OS X port
-* Patrick Trainor, Jim Boucher, and Mike Gorchak for the QNX Neutrino port
-* Carsten Griwodz for the AIX port
-* Gabriele Greco, for the Amiga port
+* Couriersud for the DirectFB driver
 * Patrice Mandin, for the Atari port
-* Hannu Viitala for the EPOC port
-* Peter Valchev for nagging me about the OpenBSD port until I got it right. :)
-* Kent B Mein, for a place to do the IRIX port
-* Ash, for a place to do the OSF/1 Alpha port
-* David Sowsy, for help with the BeOS port
-* Eugenia Loli, for endless work on porting SDL games to BeOS
-* Paulus Esterhazy, for the Visual C++ testing and libraries
-* Brenda Tantzen, for Metrowerks CodeWarrior on MacOS
 * Chris Nentwich, for the Hermes assembly blitters
-* Michael Vance and Jim Kutter for the X11 OpenGL support
-* Stephane Peter, for the AAlib front-end and multi-threaded timer idea.
 * Jon Atkins for SDL_image, SDL_mixer and SDL_net documentation
-* Peter Wiklund, for the 1998 winning SDL logo,
-  and Arto Hamara, Steven Wong, and Kent Mein for other logo entries.
 * Arne Claus, for the 2004 winning SDL logo,
   and Shandy Brown, Jac, Alex Lyman, Mikkel Gjoel, #Guy, Jonas Hartmann,
   Daniel Liljeberg,  Ronald Sowa, DocD, Pekka Jaervinen, Patrick Avella,