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  Building an app
+For simple projects you can use the script located at build-scripts/
+There's two ways of using it:
+ com.yourcompany.yourapp < sources.list com.yourcompany.yourapp source1.c source2.c ...sourceN.c
+sources.list should be a text file with a source file name in each line
+Filenames should be specified relative to the current directory, for example if
+you are in the build-scripts directory and want to create the testgles.c test, you'll
+./ org.libsdl.testgles ../test/testgles.c
+One limitation of this script is that all sources provided will be aggregated into
+a single directory, thus all your source files should have a unique name.
+Once the project is complete the script will tell you where the debug APK is located.
+If you want to create a signed release APK, you can use the project created by this
+utility to generate it.
+Finally, a word of caution: re running wipes any changes you may have
+done in the build directory for the app!
+For more complex projects, follow these instructions:
 1. Copy the android-project directory wherever you want to keep your projects
    and rename it to the name of your project.
 2. Move or symlink this SDL directory into the <project>/jni directory