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 					add the include and library directories to the list that VC7 keeps. Do this by 
 					selecting Tools|Options|Projects|VC++ Directories and under the "Show 
 					Directories For:" dropbox select "Include Files", and click the "New Directory 
-					Icon" and add the [SDLROOT]\include directory (ex. If you installed to 
-					c:\SDL-1.2.5\ add c:\SDL-1.2.5\include). Proceed to change the 
+					Icon" and add the [SDLROOT]\include directory (e.g. If you installed to 
+					c:\SDL\ add c:\SDL\include). Proceed to change the 
 					dropbox selection to "Library Files" and add [SDLROOT]\lib.</FONT></STRONG>
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 					desireable to add them to the linker options: Project|Properties|Linker|Command 
 					Line and type the names of the libraries to link with in the "Additional 
 					Options:" box.&nbsp; Note: This must be done&nbsp;for&nbsp;each&nbsp;build 
-					configuration (eg. Release,Debug).</FONT></STRONG></P>
+					configuration (e.g. Release,Debug).</FONT></STRONG></P>
 			SDL 101, First Day of Class
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 			Now create the basic body of your project. The body of your program should take 
 			the following form: <CODE>
-#include "SDL2.h"
+#include "SDL.h"
 int main( int argc, char* argv[] )