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 README by Mike Gorchak <>, <>
-Last changed at 12 Aug 2003.
+Last changed at 30 Sep 2003.
+Table of Contents:
+1. OpenGL.
+2. Wheel and multi-button mouses.
+3. CDROM handling issues.
+4. Hardware video overlays.
+5. Shared library building.
+6. Some building issues.
+7. Environment variables.
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 cially selected (QSSL made acceleration  only  for  Voodoo  boards  in
 fullscreen mode, sorry but I don't have this board  to  test  OpenGL -
 maybe it works or maybe not :)). If you  want  acceleration - you  can
-remove one line in the source code: find the  file SDL_ph_video.c  and
+remove one line in the source code: find the  file SDL_ph_image.c  and
 remove the following
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 root:root rights.
-Video Overlays:
+Hardware video overlays:
     Overlays can flicker  during  window  movement,  resizing, etc. It
 happens because the photon driver updates the real window contents be-
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 script you must manually delete the libtool.m4 stuff from the acinclu-
 de.m4 file (it comes after the ESD detection code up to the end of the
 file), because the libtool stuff in the acinclude.m4 file is very  old
-and  doesn't  know  anything  about  QNX. Just   remove  it, then  run
-"libtoolize --force --copy" and after that run the script.
+in SDL distribution before the version 1.2.7 and doesn't know anything
+about QNX. SDL 1.2.7 distribution contain  the  new libtool.m4 script,
+but anyway  it  is  broken :), Just  remove  it, then  run "libtoolize
+--force --copy",  delete the file aclocal.m4 and after  that  run  the script.
 Some building issues:
@@ -107,3 +121,24 @@
     ./configure  --with-sdl-prefix=/usr            \
                  --with-sdl-exec-prefix=/usr       \
                  --prefix=/usr --without-x
+Environment variables:
+    Please note that the photon driver  is  sensible to the  following
+environmental variables:
+ * SDL_VIDEO_WINDOW_POS - can be  set in the "X,Y" format.  If X and Y
+coordinates are bigger than the current desktop resolution, then  win-
+dow positioning across  virtual  consoles is activated. If X and Y are
+smaller than the desktop resolution  then  window  positioning  in the
+current console is activated. The word "center" can be used instead of
+coordinates, it  produces  the  same  behavior  as  SDL_VIDEO_CENTERED
+environmental variable.
+ * SDL_VIDEO_CENTERED - if this environmental variable exists then the
+window centering is perfomed in the current virtual console.
+    The SDL_VIDEO_CENTERED enviromental variable has greater  priority
+than the SDL_VIDEO_WINDOW_POS in case if both variables  are  supplied
+to the application.