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 			Building SDL
-			Unzip the <CODE></CODE> file into the directory that contains this 
-			file (<CODE>VisualC.html</CODE>).
-		</P>
-		<P>
-			Be certain that you unzip the zip file for your compiler into <strong>this</strong>
-			directory and not any other directory. If you are using WinZip, be careful to 
-			make sure that it extracts to <strong>this</strong> folder, because it's 
-			convenient feature of unzipping to a folder with the name of the file currently 
-			being unzipped will get you in trouble if you use it right now. And that's all 
-			I have to say about that.
-		</P>
-		<P>
-			Now that it's unzipped, go into the VisualC 
+			Go into the VisualC
 			directory that is created, and double-click on the VC++ file "<CODE>SDL.dsw</CODE>"<STRONG><FONT color="#009900">
 					("<CODE>SDL.sln</CODE>").</FONT></STRONG> This should open up the IDE.