author Andreas Schiffler <aschiffler@ferzkopp.net>
Sun, 16 Dec 2012 21:59:29 -0800
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Port clipboard and rwops test suites from GSOC code; minor updates to harness and fuzzer in test lib

 * Reference to all test suites.

#ifndef _testsuites_h
#define _testsuites_h

#include "SDL_test.h"

// Test collections
//extern SDLTest_TestSuiteReference audioTestSuite;
extern SDLTest_TestSuiteReference clipboardTestSuite;
//extern SDLTest_TestSuiteReference eventsTestSuite;
//extern SDLTest_TestSuiteReference keyboardTestSuite;
extern SDLTest_TestSuiteReference platformTestSuite;
extern SDLTest_TestSuiteReference rectTestSuite;
//extern SDLTest_TestSuiteReference renderTestSuite;
extern SDLTest_TestSuiteReference rwopsTestSuite;
//extern SDLTest_TestSuiteReference surfaceTestSuite;
//extern SDLTest_TestSuiteReference syswmTestSuite;
//extern SDLTest_TestSuiteReference videoTestSuite;

// All test suites
SDLTest_TestSuiteReference *testSuites[] =  {
//	&audioTestSuite,
//	&eventsTestSuite,
//	&keyboardTestSuite,
//	&renderTestSuite,
//	&surfaceTestSuite,
//	&syswmTestSuite,
//	&videoTestSuite,