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Closed bug #74 Added DirectInput joystick code, contributed by Glenn Maynard. This fixes a problem with the Windows Multimedia joystick driver not showing all 6 axes on a GameCube controller converter, which was donated by Jacob Kolding.

Project files for embedded Visual C++ 3.0, 4.0 and 
Visual Studio 2005 can be found in

SDL supports GAPI and WinDib output for Windows CE.

GAPI driver supports:

- all possible WinCE devices (Pocket PC, Smartphones, HPC)
  with different orientations of video memory and resolutions.
- 4, 8 and 16 bpp devices
- special handling of 8bpp on 8bpp devices
- VGA mode, you can even switch between VGA and GAPI in runtime
  (between 240x320 and 480x640 for example). On VGA devices you can
  use either GAPI or VGA.
- Landscape mode and automatic rotation of buttons and stylus coordinates.
  To enable landscape mode make width of video screen bigger than height.
  For example: 
- WM2005
- SDL_ListModes

There are several SDL features not available in the WinCE port of SDL.

- DirectX is not yet available
- Semaphores are not available
- Joystick support is not available
- CD-ROM control is not available

In addition, there are several features that run in "degraded" mode:

Preprocessor Symbol		Effect
===================		=================================

USE_GETTICKCOUNT		Less accurate values for SDL time functions
USE_SETTIMER			Use only a single marginally accurate timer

DISABLE_ICON_SUPPORT		Can't set the runtime window icon

USE_STATIC_CURSOR		Only the arrow cursor is available

NO_GETKEYBOARDSTATE		Can't get modifier state on keyboard focus

NO_GETKEYBOARDSTATE		Very limited keycode translation

NO_GETDIBITS			Can't distinguish between 15 bpp and 16 bpp
NO_GAMMA_SUPPORT		Gamma correction not available