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Use proper m68k defines from gcc

SDL on Sony Playstation3

  First, you have to install the Cell SDK
  - Download the Cell SDK installer RPM and ISO images to
    a temporary directory such as /tmp/cellsdk.
  - Mount the image: mount -o loop CellSDK-Devel-Fedora_3. /tmp/cellsdk
  - Install the SDK installer: rpm -ivh cell-install-3.1.0-0.0.noarch.rpm
  - Install the SDK: cd /opt/cell && ./cellsdk --iso /tmp/cellsdkiso install

  You need to install the SPU-libs before installing SDL
  - Go to SDL-1.2/src/video/ps3/spulibs/
  - Run make && make install

  Finally, install SDL
  - Go to SDL-1.2/ and build SDL like any other GNU style package.
    - Build the configure-script with ./
    - Configure SDL for your needs: ./configure --enable-video-ps3 ...
    - Build and install it: make && make install

  - mouse/keyboard/controller support

Have fun!
  Dirk Herrendoerfer <d.herrendoerfer [at] de [dot ibm [dot] com>