author Brandon Schaefer <>
Wed, 13 Jul 2016 07:07:46 -0700
changeset 10193 75cd0fc3fec2
parent 8874 48d4f2d74d67
permissions -rw-r--r--
Tests: Mir needs the window to swap at lease 1 frame for the cursor to show. So render in testwm2

if (NOT EXISTS "@CMAKE_CURRENT_BINARY_DIR@/install_manifest.txt")
    message(FATAL_ERROR "Cannot find install manifest: \"@CMAKE_CURRENT_BINARY_DIR@/install_manifest.txt\"")
endif(NOT EXISTS "@CMAKE_CURRENT_BINARY_DIR@/install_manifest.txt")

file(READ "@CMAKE_CURRENT_BINARY_DIR@/install_manifest.txt" files)
string(REGEX REPLACE "\n" ";" files "${files}")
foreach (file ${files})
    message(STATUS "Uninstalling \"$ENV{DESTDIR}${file}\"")
        COMMAND @CMAKE_COMMAND@ -E remove "$ENV{DESTDIR}${file}"
        OUTPUT_VARIABLE rm_out
        RESULT_VARIABLE rm_retval
    if(NOT ${rm_retval} EQUAL 0)
        message(FATAL_ERROR "Problem when removing \"$ENV{DESTDIR}${file}\"")
    endif (NOT ${rm_retval} EQUAL 0)