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emscripten: send fake mouse events for touches, like other targets do. (This really should be handled at the higher level and not in the individual targets, but this fixes the immediate bug.)


SDL's build system was traditionally based on autotools. Over time, this
approach has suffered from several issues across the different supported 
To solve these problems, a new build system based on CMake is under development.
It works in parallel to the legacy system, so users can experiment with it
without complication.
While still experimental, the build system should be usable on the following

* FreeBSD
* Linux
* VS.NET 2010
* MinGW and Msys
* OS X with support for XCode


Assuming the source for SDL is located at ~/sdl

    cd ~
    mkdir build
    cd build
    cmake ../sdl

This will build the static and dynamic versions of SDL in the ~/build directory.