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Added QNX cleanups by Mike Gorchak (thanks!)

README by Mike Gorchak <>

    Experimentally added OpenGL support in window mode (in fullscreen
mode not yet). If you have QNX RtP v6.1.0 w/ or w/o Patch A you  need
to download new Photon3D runtime from  The
versions of OS before 6.1.0 is not supported. OpenGL support is  very
raw. It is often fail.

Some building issues:

    Run configure script without x11 support, e.g.:

    ./configure --prefix=/usr/local --disable-video-x11

    In test directory also run ./configure script without x11 support, e.g.:

    ./configure  --with-sdl-prefix=/usr/local      \
                 --with-sdl-exec-prefix=/usr/local \
                 --prefix=/usr/local --without-x