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Tue, 21 Feb 2006 08:46:50 +0000
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Use consistent identifiers for the various platforms we support. Make sure every source file includes SDL_config.h, so the proper system headers are chosen.

#          This is a Watcom makefile to build SDL.DLL for OS/2
# Makefile for DART (audio support)

object_files= SDL_audio.obj SDL_audiocvt.obj SDL_audiomem.obj SDL_mixer.obj SDL_mixer_MMX_VC.obj SDL_wave.obj SDL_dart.obj

!include ..\..\Watcom.mif

    set include=$(%os2tk)\h;$(%include);../../include;./dart

all : $(object_files)

    wcc386 dart\SDL_dart.c $(cflags)

clean : .SYMBOLIC
        @if exist *.obj del *.obj
        @if exist *.map del *.map
        @if exist *.res del *.res
        @if exist *.lst del *.lst