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Undocumented hack to get all force feedback devices.

SDL on DirectFB


- Hardware YUV overlays
- OpenGL - software only
- 2D/3D accelerations (depends on directfb driver)

What you need:

DirectFB 1.0.0 - required
Kernel-Framebuffer support: required: vesafb, radeonfb .... 
Mesa 7.0.x	   - optional for OpenGL

As of this writing 20070810 you need to pull Mesa from git and do the following:

cd mesa 
make linux-directfb

echo Installing - pleaser enter sudo pw.

sudo make install INSTALL_DIR=/usr/local/dfb_GL
cd src/mesa/drivers/directfb
sudo make install INSTALL_DIR=/usr/local/dfb_GL

To run the SDL - testprograms:

export SDL_VIDEODRIVER=directfb
export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/usr/local/dfb_GL/lib
export LD_PRELOAD=/usr/local/dfb_GL/


To use hardware accelerated YUV-overlays for YUV-textures, use:


This is disabled by default. It will only support one concurrent 
overlay and may behave strange if not used with SDL_CreateYUvOverlay
from SDLcompat.c.