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Merge audio capture work back into the mainline.

  Simple DirectMedia Layer
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#include "../SDL_internal.h"

/* Functions and variables exported from SDL_audio.c for SDL_sysaudio.c */

/* Functions to get a list of "close" audio formats */
extern SDL_AudioFormat SDL_FirstAudioFormat(SDL_AudioFormat format);
extern SDL_AudioFormat SDL_NextAudioFormat(void);

/* Function to calculate the size and silence for a SDL_AudioSpec */
extern void SDL_CalculateAudioSpec(SDL_AudioSpec * spec);

/* this is used internally to access some autogenerated code. */
typedef struct
    SDL_AudioFormat src_fmt;
    SDL_AudioFormat dst_fmt;
    SDL_AudioFilter filter;
} SDL_AudioTypeFilters;
extern const SDL_AudioTypeFilters sdl_audio_type_filters[];

/* this is used internally to access some autogenerated code. */
typedef struct
    SDL_AudioFormat fmt;
    int channels;
    int upsample;
    int multiple;
    SDL_AudioFilter filter;
} SDL_AudioRateFilters;
extern const SDL_AudioRateFilters sdl_audio_rate_filters[];

/* vi: set ts=4 sw=4 expandtab: */