Tue, 10 May 2016 21:13:58 +0200 Philipp Wiesemann Fixed crash in shape test program if memory allocation failed.
Sat, 02 Jan 2016 10:10:34 -0800 Sam Lantinga Updated copyright to 2016
Wed, 25 Nov 2015 21:39:28 +0100 Philipp Wiesemann Replaced tabs with spaces in test programs.
Tue, 26 May 2015 06:27:46 -0700 Sam Lantinga Updated the copyright year to 2015
Sat, 05 Apr 2014 23:50:09 +0200 Philipp Wiesemann Removed empty statements.
Sun, 02 Feb 2014 00:53:27 -0800 Sam Lantinga Fixed bug 2374 - Update copyright for 2014...
Wed, 08 Jan 2014 14:18:11 -0500 Edward Rudd some fixes to the testshape.c code so it more correctly works.
Thu, 29 Aug 2013 08:29:51 -0700 Sam Lantinga Christoph Mallon: Remove pointless if (x) before SDL_FreeSurface(x)
Wed, 21 Aug 2013 09:47:10 -0300 Gabriel Jacobo OCD fixes: Adds a space after /* (glory to regular expressions!)
Wed, 21 Aug 2013 09:43:09 -0300 Gabriel Jacobo OCD fixes: Adds a space before */
Tue, 20 Aug 2013 20:34:40 -0300 Gabriel Jacobo More non C89 compliant comments
Wed, 14 Aug 2013 23:30:10 -0700 Andreas Schiffler Fix bug 2034: replace printf by SDL_Log in tests; update loopwave VS solution: copy missing dependency
Thu, 25 Jul 2013 09:51:21 -0700 Sam Lantinga Updated the copyright year for the test programs
Sat, 20 Jul 2013 21:51:53 +0200 Philipp Wiesemann Replaced use of malloc()/free() with SDL_malloc()/SDL_free() in test program.
Sat, 20 Jul 2013 21:47:16 +0200 Philipp Wiesemann Removed not needed SDL_WINDOW_SHOWN from test programs.
Sat, 18 May 2013 14:17:52 -0700 Sam Lantinga File style cleanup for the SDL 2.0 release
Fri, 08 Apr 2011 13:03:26 -0700 Sam Lantinga SDL 1.3 is now under the zlib license.
Thu, 03 Feb 2011 00:54:29 -0800 Sam Lantinga Simplified and improved the process of creating a texture from a surface.
Tue, 01 Feb 2011 19:19:43 -0800 Sam Lantinga The rendering functions take a context so it's clear what window they're drawing to. This also potentially opens to the door to multi-threaded rendering in the future.
Tue, 01 Feb 2011 12:19:46 -0800 Sam Lantinga Making the API simpler, the renderer present semantics are always having a backbuffer and then discarding it. This is best for hardware accelerated rendering.
Thu, 27 Jan 2011 22:44:08 -0800 Sam Lantinga Removed completely non-portable event thread hack.
Wed, 19 Jan 2011 11:35:31 -0800 Sam Lantinga Removed extra space
Mon, 16 Aug 2010 09:55:35 -0400 egottlieb Raised binarization cutoff to eliminate alpha-blending of trollface.
Sat, 14 Aug 2010 16:14:36 -0400 egottlieb Finally got the Win32 API code for shaping to work! Just need to fix SDL_CalculateShapeTree() now!
Fri, 06 Aug 2010 20:22:14 -0400 egottlieb Fixed lots of little bugs in Win32 shaping and in SDL_CalculateShapeTree(). Still not actually showing anything on Windows, though there's no crashes and everything compiles fine. Bugger.
Sun, 01 Aug 2010 21:10:42 -0400 Eli Gottlieb Fixed a couple of bugs in the general and X11 shape code, and fixed a bug in testshape that was keeping it from recognizing surfaces without alpha. Thanks to Andreas's bit-bashing tip, X11 shaped windows now work entirely, AFAICT.
Fri, 30 Jul 2010 18:04:21 -0400 Eli Gottlieb Added Andreas's VS2010 patch for testshape.
Mon, 26 Jul 2010 17:27:04 -0400 Eli Gottlieb Rejiggering the way shaped windows are created as preparation for OS X implementation. Fixed overdrive bug in test program that appears to have been introduced by someone other than myself.
Fri, 23 Jul 2010 01:48:42 -0400 Eli Gottlieb More work on color-key mode.
Mon, 19 Jul 2010 00:24:02 -0400 Eli Gottlieb Put the render loop back in its right place, but with delaying functionality to keep it down to roughly 60fps, not eating up all the X11 time.
Sun, 18 Jul 2010 23:51:47 -0400 Eli Gottlieb Boxed up the rendering loop and turned it into a redraw/update function. This makes things way more responsive, usable again.
Sun, 18 Jul 2010 23:36:39 -0400 Eli Gottlieb Added code to make testshape switch shapes on keystrokes and exit on an ESC keystroke.
Sun, 18 Jul 2010 23:05:40 -0400 Eli Gottlieb Minor bugfixes. testshape now draws a shaped window with bizarre, pixellated gashes of transparency across it, and in doing so seems to hog a system resource and slow the rest of the video system down.
Sun, 18 Jul 2010 22:17:52 -0400 Eli Gottlieb Same place as before, but optimizing a bit to try to isolate the spot in the program that locks things up.
Sun, 18 Jul 2010 21:31:22 -0400 Eli Gottlieb Rewrote test program for shaped windows. It definitely displays recognizable pictures now, but the resizing and shaping functionality isn't behaving correctly, possibly due to a miscalculation of alpha values.
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