diff -r cbe06fa842cd -r 4f896c20caf6 VisualC.html --- a/VisualC.html Thu Jul 12 05:31:08 2007 +0000 +++ b/VisualC.html Thu Jul 12 05:32:07 2007 +0000 @@ -46,6 +46,10 @@ the Workspace panel in the FileView tab), and selecting "Build".

+ If you get an error about SDL_config.h being missing, you should + copy include/SDL_config.h.default to include/SDL_config.h and try again. +


You may get a few warnings, but you should not get any errors. You do have to have at least the DirectX 5 SDK installed, however. The latest version of DirectX can be downloaded or purchased on a cheap CD (my