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Moved 'resource.h' inclusion in 'OpenGL_Windows.cpp' to only be included on Win32 platform


---------Set Debug to 1 in config.txt for these to work----------

Map editor:
shift+m = toggle editor mode
m = place object
p = place enemy
shift-p = place waypoint
delete = delete most recently made object
shift-delete = delete most recently made player
up/down = change size of next object
control+up/down = change tilt of next object
left/right = change rotation of next object
shift+left/right = change type of next object
h = give 2000 health

o = change enemy's skin
shift+o = change enemy's type (rabbit/wolf)

control+p = make/connect pathfind waypoint
period/comma = select pathfind waypoints
shift+comma = delete pathfind waypoint

Random Keys:
~=console (map mapname, save mapname, quit)
command+z = restart level
shift+k = win level
n = die
b = slow motion (with motion blur that might work)
j = toggle snow/grass/desert
f = spontaneously combust
i = explode nearby head
shift+i = explode nearby enemy

Console commands: 
f is floating point, i is integer, b is boolean, str is string.

Map mapname where mapname is the name of a map in the maps folder
Save mapname where mapname is an unused filename
Cellar door, rambo, kungfu, white, brown, black = change skins

Tintr f = red clothes color from 0 to 1
Tintg f = green clothes color from 0 to 1
Tintb f = blue clothes color from 0 to 1
Tint f f f = r,g,b clothes colors from 0 to 1
Noclothes = remove all clothes
Clothes str = add clothes str.png

Included clothes include:

Skybox = toggle skybox (i.e. turn off to get fog)
Sky Tint f f f =  r,g,b colors from 0 to 1 for the sky
Sky Light f f f =  r,g,b colors from 0 to 1 for the lighting

Speed f = set player speed
Strength f = set player power
Power f = set player power
Protection f f f = set high,medium,low resistance to blunt attacks
Armor f f f = set high,medium,low resistance to sharp attacks

slomo f = set the slomo speed
slofreq i = set the slomo sound frequency

tutorial b = toggle tutorial mode on/off
hostile b = toggle hostility

type active/sitting/sitting wall/sleeping/dead1/dead2/dead3/dead4 = set initial state
path keepwalking/pause = determine whether enemies walk through the next pathpoint or pause briefly

mapkilleveryone = set the map objective to kill everyone
mapgosomewhere = set the map objective to go somewhere
mapkillsomeone = set the map objective to kill a specific enemy
mapkillmost = set the map objective to kill everyone but one

hs f i str = set the size, type, and text for a hotspot 
(type 0 = static, display text
type 1-10 = attached to player 1-10, display text
type 11-20 = attached to player 1-10, must kill to win
type -1 = win if approached)

dhs = delete last hotspot

dialogue str = load the dialogue str.txt and enter directing mode (fly around, press numpad 1-10 to change their head target, press 1-10 for who is saying each line and to go to next line)

ddialogue = delete last dialogue

play i = play dialogue #i

immobile = make immobile; this can increase fps
mobile = make mobile

proportion f f f f = set head, body, arm and leg proportion (1 is default)

viewdistance x= set the far clipping plane (1 is default)
fadestart x= set what fraction of the viewdistance an object must pass to begin fading (1 is default)

funnybunny = set player to rabbit
wolfieisgod = set player to wolf

quit = quit