author Ryan C. Gordon <>
Fri, 22 Apr 2005 14:06:56 +0000
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- md5sum of patchfile itself?
- Move confirm() to UI abstraction.
- Integrate xdelta into single binary?
- Lots of tests for dir/notdir or file/ symlinks support, etc.
- serialization of patchfile.
- Standardize datatypes.
- Make everything fit in 80 columns...
- Split mojopatch.c into multiple files.
- Get other platforms besides Mac updated and building again.
- Look for FIXMEs...
- "_fatal" isn't really appropriate anymore, since it might not be fatal.
- We md5sum to compare files. A byte-by-byte compare that halts as soon as
  there's a difference would be much faster when creating the initial patch
- Do a binary package for MacOS so people don't have to build from source.
  (But fix some other nasties first).
- Windows port.
- Linux port...gtk, qt? Besides some platform_unix things, the thing should
  mostly work with the stdio UI driver...
- XCode project for MacOS
- MacOS Classic? :)
- "Patching successful" is said even if there's a catastropic failure, because
  of the nasty skip_patch code.
- Ignore .DS_Store files by default on MacOS X?
- Documentation! Anything at all!
- Write a GUI for generating patches.

/* end of TODO ... */