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glsl: Implemented most of the missing srcmods. Reread the GLSL spec, and it turns out that "vec3(x,y,z) - 3.0" is legal syntactic sugar: the compiler knows to subtract 3.0 from each of the three components in that vec3. This made this simpler than having to tapdance to generate correct constant vectors ourselves, and it's easier to read.

To use this in your project:

- Add mojoshader*.c and mojoshader*.h to your project.
- Compile mojoshader*.c
- If you don't have a C99-compliant compiler, like Microsoft Visual Studio,
  you'll need to compile the .c files as C++ to get them to build.
- If you don't have cmake to generate mojoshader_version.h, you can either
  add a blank file with that name, or add MOJOSHADER_NO_VERSION_INCLUDE to
  your preprocessor definitions.

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