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Bunch More Work on HLSL parser. This is not nearly ready for primetime. I doubt it does much more than compile (and maybe only on my machine). This reworks/improves/cleans up the grammar quite a bit, and fills in much of the C code required to generate an Abstract Syntax Tree. Nothing is done with this tree yet, including freeing it.

To use this in your project:

- Add mojoshader*.c and mojoshader*.h to your project.
- Compile mojoshader*.c
- If you don't have a C99-compliant compiler, like Microsoft Visual Studio,
  you'll need to compile the .c files as C++ to get them to build.
- If you don't have cmake to generate mojoshader_version.h, you can either
  add a blank file with that name, or add MOJOSHADER_NO_VERSION_INCLUDE to
  your preprocessor definitions.

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