author Ryan C. Gordon <>
Sun, 26 Sep 2004 13:00:59 +0000
changeset 650 298b8bb26775
parent 630 ffd26a27f74d
permissions -rwxr-xr-x
Did the same thing to FileHandles than I did to DirHandles, but this triggered massive tweaking in physfs.c. A lot of code got little cleanups, which was nice. Less malloc pressure, too, since opening a file used to allocate a ton of crap and mush it it's basically down to one structure and the instance data in whatever archiver.


set -e
echo "Initial preparation...this can take awhile, so sit tight..."
rm -f
perl -w -e 'use File::Copy; exit 0 if (-f ""); my $x = `automake --version |head -n 1`; chomp($x); $x = 0.0 if ($x !~ s/\A.*?(\d+\.\d+).*\Z/$1/); if ($x < 1.5) { copy("./", "./"); } else { copy("./", "./"); }'

# MacOS X renames GNU libtool to "glibtool", since they have something
#  else called "libtool" already...
if [ -x /usr/bin/glibtoolize ]; then
  glibtoolize --automake --copy --force
  libtoolize --automake --copy --force

automake --foreign --add-missing --copy

echo "You are now ready to run ./configure ..."