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Stuff that needs to be done and wishlist:

These are in no particular order. A 1.0 release is reliant on doing most of
 this stuff. Some might be dupes, some might be done already.

- Include the Visual Studio.NET project file in CVS directly.
- Change platform detection so it doesn't need sed?
- Deal with Unix platforms without POSIX threads (NetBSD, etc).
- Make the zipfile parse symlinks with relative paths. See the function
  expand_symlink_path() in archivers/zip.c ...
- Make zipfile build a directory tree at runtime, discarding blank directory
  entries, and parsing the paths of actual entries to find valid dirs.
  Search this tree for faster entry location, much faster enumeration, and
  more accurate ZIP_isDirectory results.
- Change ZIP entry sort code to something faster than a bubble sort.
- Change zip_find_entry() to do something faster than a linear search.
- Ditch printf()s in ZIP code.
- Other archivers: perhaps tar(.gz|.bz2), RPM, etc. These are less
  important, since streaming archives aren't of much value to games (which
  is why zipfiles are king: random access), but it could have uses for, say,
  an installer/updater. I thought it might be neat to have MBOX and Maildir
  support so that both "archives" look identical to an application; might be
  nice for an email program. That's blue sky, unless someone wants to tackle
- Platforms to be verified as working: OpenBSD, Solaris, WinNT 3.1, WinME,
  WinXP, MacOS 8.1
- Platforms to port to: NetBSD (needs pthreads), OS/2 (needs platform driver),
  PocketPC (Maybe can just use win32.c?), Amiga (needs platform driver),
  AtheOS (needs platform driver, maybe can use unix.c and posix.c?)
- Use __cdecl in physfs.h?
- Look for FIXMEs (many marked with "!!!" in comments).
- Probably other stuff. Requests and recommendations are welcome.

// end of TODO ...