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 12292003 - Updated CodeWarrior projects from CW6 to CW7, and made a bunch of
            patches to get the Mac Classic target building again. Removed
            zlib114 from CVS repository. Updated OS/2 build batch file.
+           Added Z_PREFIX define to Unix builds that use internal zlib.
+           Patched up some (outdated?) Visual C project files for zlib121.
+           Patched Doxyfile and physfs.h for newer Doxygen. Fixed OS/2
+           build script. Tweaked Project Builder files to at least compile.
+           Added some last minute BeOS and Cygwin build fixes. Updated
+           Visual Studio projects and tweaked some Makefile.am crap. Made
+           changes so Visual Studio files would pack with DOS endlines and...
+           Upped version to 1.0.0 (woohoo!).
 12222003 - Fixed a search-and-replace mistake in win32.c that preventing
            compiling on Windows. (thanks, Brian!) Converted VC6 .dsp to use
            zlib121; made Z_PREFIX=1 enabled by default to avoid link clashes;
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 Stuff that needs to be done and wishlist:
-These are in no particular order. A 1.0 release is reliant on doing some of
- this stuff. Some might be dupes, some might be done already.
+These are in no particular order.
+Some might be dupes, some might be done already.
 - Other archivers: perhaps tar(.gz|.bz2), RPM, ARJ, etc. These are less
   important, since streaming archives aren't of much value to games (which
   is why zipfiles are king: random access), but it could have uses for, say,
-  an installer/updater. I thought it might be neat to have MBOX and Maildir
-  support so that both "archives" look identical to an application; might be
-  nice for an email program. That's blue sky, unless someone wants to tackle
-  it.
+  an installer/updater.
 - Stack allocate in stripAppleBundle() (platform/unix.c) instead of calloc().
+- Reduce malloc() pressure all over the place. We fragment memory like mad.
 - macclassic.c :
   "/* (Hmm. Default behaviour is broken in the base library.  :)  )  */"
 - Platforms to port to: Amiga (needs platform driver), DOS4GW (platform driver).