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Command line tool that decrypts an OPVault keychain and dumps it to stdout. To compile: gcc -o opvault opvault.c cJSON.c -lcrypto Usage: ./opvault </path/to/mykeychain.opvault> <password> This is just a proof of concept; I'll be recycling this into proper OPVault support in 1pass later and deleting this tool. This uses OpenSSL's libcrypto for the math instead of all the homegrown crypto this project is otherwise using. I'll probably migrate the rest in this direction, too, since this wasn't as bad as I expected to use and gets you all the package-manager mojo of automatic bug fixes and security patches and shared code, etc. cJSON parses JSON in C. That is from An example OPVault keychain from AgileBits is available here:

** $Id: lctype.h,v 2013/04/12 18:48:47 roberto Exp $
** 'ctype' functions for Lua
** See Copyright Notice in lua.h

#ifndef lctype_h
#define lctype_h

#include "lua.h"

** WARNING: the functions defined here do not necessarily correspond
** to the similar functions in the standard C ctype.h. They are
** optimized for the specific needs of Lua

#if !defined(LUA_USE_CTYPE)

#if 'A' == 65 && '0' == 48
/* ASCII case: can use its own tables; faster and fixed */
#define LUA_USE_CTYPE	0
/* must use standard C ctype */
#define LUA_USE_CTYPE	1


#if !LUA_USE_CTYPE	/* { */

#include <limits.h>

#include "llimits.h"

#define ALPHABIT	0
#define DIGITBIT	1
#define PRINTBIT	2
#define SPACEBIT	3
#define XDIGITBIT	4

#define MASK(B)		(1 << (B))

** add 1 to char to allow index -1 (EOZ)
#define testprop(c,p)	(luai_ctype_[(c)+1] & (p))

** 'lalpha' (Lua alphabetic) and 'lalnum' (Lua alphanumeric) both include '_'
#define lislalpha(c)	testprop(c, MASK(ALPHABIT))
#define lislalnum(c)	testprop(c, (MASK(ALPHABIT) | MASK(DIGITBIT)))
#define lisdigit(c)	testprop(c, MASK(DIGITBIT))
#define lisspace(c)	testprop(c, MASK(SPACEBIT))
#define lisprint(c)	testprop(c, MASK(PRINTBIT))
#define lisxdigit(c)	testprop(c, MASK(XDIGITBIT))

** this 'ltolower' only works for alphabetic characters
#define ltolower(c)	((c) | ('A' ^ 'a'))

/* two more entries for 0 and -1 (EOZ) */
LUAI_DDEC const lu_byte luai_ctype_[UCHAR_MAX + 2];

#else			/* }{ */

** use standard C ctypes

#include <ctype.h>

#define lislalpha(c)	(isalpha(c) || (c) == '_')
#define lislalnum(c)	(isalnum(c) || (c) == '_')
#define lisdigit(c)	(isdigit(c))
#define lisspace(c)	(isspace(c))
#define lisprint(c)	(isprint(c))
#define lisxdigit(c)	(isxdigit(c))

#define ltolower(c)	(tolower(c))

#endif			/* } */