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     1 Use the Xcode command files (located in the Xcode-iOS/build-scripts folder)
     2 to conveniently generate a workspace for Xcode 3 or Xcode 4. It also
     3 contains a cleaner script and a convenient script for automatically
     4 running all the test suites.
     6 The iOS project will be referencing all files related to the top-level iOS
     7 project. The core library will use the top-level include and src directories,
     8 just like the other generated projects, but it will build projects for each of
     9 the Demos in the top-level Xcode-iOS folder. These projects will have any
    10 resources they need copied to be copied over and included as resources. They
    11 will also reference the Info.plist file in Xcode-iOS/Demos.
    13 iOS support is currently experimental, but it should work just fine for any and
    14 all applications. All of the demos that work from the manually-created Xcode
    15 projects also work for the generated projects. There are a few minor things that
    16 need improving, but nothing major.
    18 The iOS projects have no major dependencies other than the ones in the manual
    19 Xcode-iOS project. Those are:
    21   -AudioToolbox.framework
    22   -QuartzCore.framework
    23   -OpenGLES.framework
    24   -CoreGraphics.framework
    25   -UIKit.framework
    26   -Foundation.framework
    27   -CoreAudio.framework
    29 All of these frameworks are part of the iOS SDK, not part of the core OS X
    30 system.
    32 Run the clean script to clear out the directory of Xcode-related files
    33 and binaries.