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+Eli Gottlieb's checklist for the GSOC shaped windows project.  Dated July 9, 2010.
+1. Enable proper linking of the X11 implementation and test it.
+--> Find the place in the build system for platform-specific linking flags.  STATUS: BLOODY IMPOSSIBLE.
+--> Add a linker flag to bring in libXext.a. STATUS: WILL BE SIMPLE ONCE PREVIOUS STEP IS ACCOMPLISHED (kshemashiach yagia).
+2. Build the Win32 implementation of shaped-windows functionality.
+--> Add driver functions to the SDL_ShapeDriver in the Win32 driver's SDL_DisplayDevice at the proper point in the code.  STATUS: CHECK.
+--> Add a hook in the Windows resize-window code to call Win32_ResizeWindowShape().  STATUS: CHECK.
+3. Enable building the testeyes program.
+--> Reprogram it to use the latest shaped-windows API.  STATUS: CHECK.
+--> Get it, along with the rest of the test suite in my branch, building successfully.  STATUS: REQUIRES X11 IMPLEMENTATION TO LINK PROPERLY AND/OR A BUILD-BUDDY BUILDING AND RUNNING THE TEST FOR ME.
+--> Debug testeyes and the platform-specific shaped-window implementations in tandem.  STATUS: TO BEGIN, CURRENT SPRINT.
+4. Implement the SDL shaped-windows API for Mac OS X using Cocoa.  STATUS: NEXT SPRINT.
+--> Locate (once more) the API documentation for shaped windows under Cocoa.
+--> Design and encode a version of SDL_ShapeData for Cocoa.
+--> Write Cocoa_CreateShaper().
+--> Write Cocoa_ResizeWindowShape().
+--> Write Cocoa_SetWindowShape().
+--> If necessary, implement functionality adjunct to SDL_CalculateShapeBitmap() for Cocoa usage.
+5. Use testeyes to debug all implementations. STATUS: SPRINT + 2.
+--> Debug Cocoa implementation.
+--> Debug Win32 implementation.
+--> Debug X11 implementation (again).
 1.3 release checklist: