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 	Joystick code is not extensively tested yet.
-	Window may not close when unsetting video mode and resetting.
 	Resizeable windows aren't implemented yet.
 	Depth switching for windowed mode isn't implemented yet.
 	Palette handling isn't implemented in windowed mode yet.
-	Command-line arguments Dialog is not implemented yet.
+	Command-line arguments dialog is not implemented yet.
 	Fullscreen drawing has some artifacts.
-	Fullscreen window covers *all* other windows - even force quit.
 	Fullscreen OpenGL for the software renderer is broken.
 	Some OpenGL parameters are not accounted for, for example color bits customization.
-	Getting OpenGL context parameters is not implemented.
 	Continuous mouse motion perhaps is not as smooth as it should be.
 	SDL_WM_GrabInput() is implemented, but it "freezes" the hardware