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+These are test programs for the SDL library:
+	testver		Check the version and dynamic loading and endianness
+	testtypes	Check to see if the data types are the correct size
+	testhread	Hacked up test of multi-threading
+	testlock	Hacked up test of multi-threading and locking
+	testerror	Tests multi-threaded error handling
+	testsem		Tests SDL's semaphore implementation
+	testtimer	Test the timer facilities
+	loopwave	Audio test -- loop playing a WAV file
+	testcdrom	Sample audio CD control program
+	testkeys	List the available keyboard keys
+	testvidinfo	Show the pixel format of the display
+	checkkeys	Watch the key events to check the keyboard
+	testwin		Display a BMP image at various depths
+	graywin		Display a gray gradient and center mouse on spacebar
+	testsprite	Example of fast sprite movement on the screen
+	testbitmap	Test displaying 1-bit bitmaps
+	testalpha	Display an alpha faded icon -- paint with mouse
+	testwm		Test window manager -- title, icon, events
+	threadwin	Test multi-threaded event handling
+	testgl		A very simple example of using OpenGL with SDL
+	testjoystick	List joysticks and watch joystick events