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 	Package a project template together with the SDL for iPhone static libraries and copies of the SDL headers.  The template includes proper references to the SDL library and headers, skeleton code for a basic SDL program, and placeholder graphics for the application icon and startup screen.
+Build SDL for iOS from the command line
+1. cd (PATH WHERE THE SDL CODE IS)/build-scripts
+2. ./
+If everything goes fine, you should see a build/ios directory, inside there's
+two directories "lib" and "include". 
+"include" contains a copy of the SDL headers that you'll need for your project,
+make sure to configure XCode to look for headers there.
+"lib" contains find two files, libSDL2.a and libSDL2main.a, you have to add both 
+to your XCode project. These libraries contain three architectures in them,
+armv6 for legacy devices, armv7, and i386 (for the simulator).
+By default, will autodetect the SDK version you have installed using 
+xcodebuild -showsdks, and build for iOS >= 3.0, you can override this behaviour 
+by setting the MIN_OS_VERSION variable, ie:
 Using the Simple DirectMedia Layer for iOS