changeset 5793 e4b84f743a7e
parent 5792 ec908de81ba5
child 5794 e39e9c62c671
--- a/test/test-automation/runner.c	Fri Jul 29 18:18:37 2011 +0300
+++ b/test/test-automation/runner.c	Fri Jul 29 19:52:16 2011 +0300
@@ -1006,7 +1006,7 @@
 	  printf("     --logfile BASENAME       Define basename for logfiles. Defaults to 'runner'\n");
 	  printf("     --logdir DIR             Define directory for logs. Defaults to 'logs'\n");
 	  printf("     --log-stdout             Log to stdout instead of file (overrides --logfile\n");
-	  printf("                              and --logdir options\n");
+	  printf("                              and --logdir options)\n");
 	  printf("     --xml                    Enables XML logger\n");
 	  printf("     --xsl [STYLESHEET]       Adds XSL stylesheet to the XML test reports for\n");
 	  printf("                              browser viewing. Optionally uses the specified XSL\n");