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Date: Sat, 24 Apr 2004 15:13:32 +0300 From: "Mike Gorchak" Subject: SDL updates for the QNX6 1. Updated the README.QNX 2. Updated libtool scripts, which are shipped with SDL for QNX6 support. 3. Added some code to support the new QNX 6.3.0, which is in beta now. 4. Added code to detect the hw features, which driver supports. 5. Added hw alpha blits code. 6. Fixed bug when application switches to fullscreen more the 2 times. (afte\ r that window becames always stay on top). 7. Updated a bit README for the tests. 8. Added information about acceleration show in the testalpha.c test. 9. Added small fixes to the testoverlay2.c test. 10. Added alpha and cc+alpha blits benchmarks to the testvidinfo.c test.

Using the Simple DirectMedia Layer with MacOS 7,8,9 on PPC

These instructions are for people using the Apple MPW environment:

CodeWarrior projects are available in the CWprojects directory.

I.  Building the Simple DirectMedia Layer libraries:
    (This step isn't necessary if you have the SDL binary distribution)

  First, unpack the MPWmake.sea.hqx archive and move SDL.make into the
  SDL directory.

  Start MPW

  Set the current directory within MPW to the SDL toplevel directory.

  Build "SDL"  (Type Command-B and enter "SDL" in the dialog)

  If everything compiles successfully, you now have the PPC libraries
  "SDL" and "SDLmain.o" in the 'lib' subdirectory.

II. Building the Simple DirectMedia Layer test programs:

  First, unpack the MPWmake.sea.hqx archive, move the new rsrc directory to
  the main SDL directory, and move the makefiles in the new test subdirectory
  to the SDL 'test' subdirectory.

  Start MPW

  Set the current directory within MPW to the SDL 'test' subdirectory.

  Build the programs that have an associated MPW makefile (file ending
  with .make), including "testwin", "testalpha", and "graywin".

  Copy the SDL library file into the test directory, and run!

III. Building the Simple DirectMedia Layer demo programs:

  Copy one of the test program Makefiles to the demo directory
  and modify it to match the sources in the demo.

IV.  Enjoy! :)

  If you have a project you'd like me to know about, or want to ask questions,
  go ahead and join the SDL developer's mailing list by sending e-mail to:

  and put "subscribe" into the subject of the message. Or alternatively you
  can use the web interface: