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Date: Sat, 24 Apr 2004 15:13:32 +0300 From: "Mike Gorchak" Subject: SDL updates for the QNX6 1. Updated the README.QNX 2. Updated libtool scripts, which are shipped with SDL for QNX6 support. 3. Added some code to support the new QNX 6.3.0, which is in beta now. 4. Added code to detect the hw features, which driver supports. 5. Added hw alpha blits code. 6. Fixed bug when application switches to fullscreen more the 2 times. (afte\ r that window becames always stay on top). 7. Updated a bit README for the tests. 8. Added information about acceleration show in the testalpha.c test. 9. Added small fixes to the testoverlay2.c test. 10. Added alpha and cc+alpha blits benchmarks to the testvidinfo.c test.

   Header definitions for the x86 routines for the HERMES library
   Copyright (c) 1998 Christian Nentwich (
   This source code is licensed under the GNU LGPL
   Please refer to the file COPYING.LIB contained in the distribution for
   licensing conditions

#ifndef __HERMES_HEAD_X86__
#define __HERMES_HEAD_X86__

#ifdef X86_ASSEMBLER

/* If you can't stand IFDEFS, then close your eyes now, please :) */

/* Ok, we start with normal function definitions */
#ifdef __cplusplus
extern "C" {

void STACKCALL ConvertX86(HermesConverterInterface *);
void STACKCALL ClearX86_32(HermesClearInterface *);
void STACKCALL ClearX86_24(HermesClearInterface *);
void STACKCALL ClearX86_16(HermesClearInterface *);
void STACKCALL ClearX86_8(HermesClearInterface *);

int STACKCALL Hermes_X86_CPU();

void ConvertX86p32_32BGR888();
void ConvertX86p32_32RGBA888();
void ConvertX86p32_32BGRA888();
void ConvertX86p32_24RGB888();
void ConvertX86p32_24BGR888();
void ConvertX86p32_16RGB565();
void ConvertX86p32_16BGR565();
void ConvertX86p32_16RGB555();
void ConvertX86p32_16BGR555();
void ConvertX86p32_8RGB332();

void ConvertX86p16_32RGB888();
void ConvertX86p16_32BGR888();
void ConvertX86p16_32RGBA888();
void ConvertX86p16_32BGRA888();
void ConvertX86p16_24RGB888();
void ConvertX86p16_24BGR888();
void ConvertX86p16_16BGR565();
void ConvertX86p16_16RGB555();
void ConvertX86p16_16BGR555();
void ConvertX86p16_8RGB332();

void CopyX86p_4byte();
void CopyX86p_3byte();
void CopyX86p_2byte();
void CopyX86p_1byte();

void ConvertX86pI8_32();
void ConvertX86pI8_24();
void ConvertX86pI8_16();

extern int ConvertX86p16_32RGB888_LUT_X86[512];
extern int ConvertX86p16_32BGR888_LUT_X86[512];
extern int ConvertX86p16_32RGBA888_LUT_X86[512];
extern int ConvertX86p16_32BGRA888_LUT_X86[512];
#ifdef __cplusplus

/* Now fix up the ELF underscore problem */

#if defined(__ELF__) && defined(__GNUC__)
  #ifdef __cplusplus
  extern "C" {

  int Hermes_X86_CPU() __attribute__ ((alias ("_Hermes_X86_CPU")));

  void ConvertX86(HermesConverterInterface *) __attribute__ ((alias ("_ConvertX86")));

#if 0
  void ClearX86_32(HermesClearInterface *) __attribute__ ((alias ("_ClearX86_32")));
  void ClearX86_24(HermesClearInterface *)  __attribute__ ((alias ("_ClearX86_24")));
  void ClearX86_16(HermesClearInterface *)  __attribute__ ((alias ("_ClearX86_16")));
  void ClearX86_8(HermesClearInterface *)  __attribute__ ((alias ("_ClearX86_8")));

  void ConvertX86p32_32BGR888() __attribute__ ((alias ("_ConvertX86p32_32BGR888")));
  void ConvertX86p32_32RGBA888() __attribute__ ((alias ("_ConvertX86p32_32RGBA888")));
  void ConvertX86p32_32BGRA888() __attribute__ ((alias ("_ConvertX86p32_32BGRA888")));
  void ConvertX86p32_24RGB888() __attribute__ ((alias ("_ConvertX86p32_24RGB888")));
  void ConvertX86p32_24BGR888() __attribute__ ((alias ("_ConvertX86p32_24BGR888")));
  void ConvertX86p32_16RGB565() __attribute__ ((alias ("_ConvertX86p32_16RGB565")));
  void ConvertX86p32_16BGR565() __attribute__ ((alias ("_ConvertX86p32_16BGR565")));
  void ConvertX86p32_16RGB555() __attribute__ ((alias ("_ConvertX86p32_16RGB555")));
  void ConvertX86p32_16BGR555() __attribute__ ((alias ("_ConvertX86p32_16BGR555")));
  void ConvertX86p32_8RGB332() __attribute__ ((alias ("_ConvertX86p32_8RGB332")));

#if 0
  void ConvertX86p16_32RGB888() __attribute__ ((alias ("_ConvertX86p16_32RGB888")));
  void ConvertX86p16_32BGR888() __attribute__ ((alias ("_ConvertX86p16_32BGR888")));
  void ConvertX86p16_32RGBA888() __attribute__ ((alias ("_ConvertX86p16_32RGBA888")));
  void ConvertX86p16_32BGRA888() __attribute__ ((alias ("_ConvertX86p16_32BGRA888")));
  void ConvertX86p16_24RGB888() __attribute__ ((alias ("_ConvertX86p16_24RGB888")));
  void ConvertX86p16_24BGR888() __attribute__ ((alias ("_ConvertX86p16_24BGR888")));
  void ConvertX86p16_16BGR565() __attribute__ ((alias ("_ConvertX86p16_16BGR565")));
  void ConvertX86p16_16RGB555() __attribute__ ((alias ("_ConvertX86p16_16RGB555")));
  void ConvertX86p16_16BGR555() __attribute__ ((alias ("_ConvertX86p16_16BGR555")));
  void ConvertX86p16_8RGB332() __attribute__ ((alias ("_ConvertX86p16_8RGB332")));

#if 0
  void CopyX86p_4byte() __attribute__ ((alias ("_CopyX86p_4byte")));
  void CopyX86p_3byte() __attribute__ ((alias ("_CopyX86p_3byte")));
  void CopyX86p_2byte() __attribute__ ((alias ("_CopyX86p_2byte")));
  void CopyX86p_1byte() __attribute__ ((alias ("_CopyX86p_1byte")));

  void ConvertX86pI8_32() __attribute__ ((alias ("_ConvertX86pI8_32")));
  void ConvertX86pI8_24() __attribute__ ((alias ("_ConvertX86pI8_24")));
  void ConvertX86pI8_16() __attribute__ ((alias ("_ConvertX86pI8_16")));

  extern int ConvertX86p16_32RGB888_LUT_X86[512] __attribute__ ((alias ("_ConvertX86p16_32RGB888_LUT_X86")));
  extern int ConvertX86p16_32BGR888_LUT_X86[512] __attribute__ ((alias ("_ConvertX86p16_32BGR888_LUT_X86")));
  extern int ConvertX86p16_32RGBA888_LUT_X86[512] __attribute__ ((alias ("_ConvertX86p16_32RGBA888_LUT_X86")));
  extern int ConvertX86p16_32BGRA888_LUT_X86[512] __attribute__ ((alias ("_ConvertX86p16_32BGRA888_LUT_X86")));

  #ifdef __cplusplus

#endif /* ELF & GNU */

/* Make it run with WATCOM C */
#ifdef __WATCOMC__
#pragma warning 601 9

#pragma aux Hermes_X86_CPU "_*"

#pragma aux ConvertX86 "_*" modify [EAX EBX ECX EDX ESI EDI]
#pragma aux ClearX86_32 "_*" modify [EAX EBX ECX EDX ESI EDI]
#pragma aux ClearX86_24 "_*" modify [EAX EBX ECX EDX ESI EDI]
#pragma aux ClearX86_16 "_*" modify [EAX EBX ECX EDX ESI EDI]
#pragma aux ClearX86_8 "_*" modify [EAX EBX ECX EDX ESI EDI]

#pragma aux ConvertX86p32_32BGR888 "_*"
#pragma aux ConvertX86p32_32RGBA888 "_*"
#pragma aux ConvertX86p32_32BGRA888 "_*"
#pragma aux ConvertX86p32_24RGB888 "_*"
#pragma aux ConvertX86p32_24BGR888 "_*"
#pragma aux ConvertX86p32_16RGB565 "_*"
#pragma aux ConvertX86p32_16BGR565 "_*"
#pragma aux ConvertX86p32_16RGB555 "_*"
#pragma aux ConvertX86p32_16BGR555 "_*"
#pragma aux ConvertX86p32_8RGB332 "_*"

#pragma aux ConvertX86p16_32RGB888 "_*"
#pragma aux ConvertX86p16_32BGR888 "_*"
#pragma aux ConvertX86p16_32RGBA888 "_*"
#pragma aux ConvertX86p16_32BGRA888 "_*"
#pragma aux ConvertX86p16_24RGB888 "_*"
#pragma aux ConvertX86p16_24BGR888 "_*"
#pragma aux ConvertX86p16_16BGR565 "_*"
#pragma aux ConvertX86p16_16RGB555 "_*"
#pragma aux ConvertX86p16_16BGR555 "_*"
#pragma aux ConvertX86p16_8RGB332 "_*"

#pragma aux CopyX86p_4byte "_*"
#pragma aux CopyX86p_3byte "_*"
#pragma aux CopyX86p_2byte "_*"
#pragma aux CopyX86p_1byte "_*"

#pragma aux ConvertX86pI8_32 "_*"
#pragma aux ConvertX86pI8_24 "_*"
#pragma aux ConvertX86pI8_16 "_*"

#pragma aux ConvertX86p16_32RGB888_LUT_X86 "_*"
#pragma aux ConvertX86p16_32BGR888_LUT_X86 "_*"
#pragma aux ConvertX86p16_32RGBA888_LUT_X86 "_*"
#pragma aux ConvertX86p16_32BGRA888_LUT_X86 "_*"

#endif /* __WATCOMC__ */

#endif /* X86_ASSEMBLER */