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Initialize nacl_io, removes SDL_NaClMount/Umount It's just easier to use nacl_io's mount/umount directly.

  Simple DirectMedia Layer
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#include "../../SDL_internal.h"


/* Include the SDL main definition header */
#include "SDL_main.h"

#include "ppapi_simple/ps_main.h"
#include "ppapi_simple/ps_event.h"
#include "ppapi_simple/ps_interface.h"
#include "nacl_io/nacl_io.h"

extern void NACL_SetScreenResolution(int width, int height, Uint32 format);

nacl_main(int argc, char *argv[])
    int status;
    PSEvent* ps_event;
    PP_Resource event;  
    struct PP_Rect rect;
    int ready = 0;
    const PPB_View *ppb_view = PSInterfaceView();
    /* This is started in a worker thread by ppapi_simple! */
    /* Wait for the first PSE_INSTANCE_DIDCHANGEVIEW event before starting the app */
    while (!ready) {
        /* Process all waiting events without blocking */
        while (!ready && (ps_event = PSEventWaitAcquire()) != NULL) {
            event = ps_event->as_resource;
            switch(ps_event->type) {
                /* From DidChangeView, contains a view resource */
                case PSE_INSTANCE_DIDCHANGEVIEW:
                    ppb_view->GetRect(event, &rect);
                    NACL_SetScreenResolution(rect.size.width, rect.size.height, 0);
                    ready = 1;
    /* Do a default httpfs mount on /, 
     * apps can override this by unmounting / 
     * and remounting with the desired configuration
    nacl_io_init_ppapi(PSGetInstanceId(), PSGetInterface);
        "",  /* source */
        "/",  /* target */
        "httpfs",  /* filesystemtype */
        0,  /* mountflags */
        "");  /* data specific to the html5fs type */
    /* Everything is ready, start the user main function */
    status = SDL_main(argc, argv);

    return 0;

/* ppapi_simple will start nacl_main in a worker thread */