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Frank Zago to SDL On 02/12/2011 01:44 PM, Sam Lantinga wrote: > BTW, you probably want to nuke the NDS renderer and just implement these three > functions instead: > int (*CreateWindowFramebuffer) (_THIS, SDL_Window * window, Uint32 * > format, void ** pixels, int *pitch); > int (*UpdateWindowFramebuffer) (_THIS, SDL_Window * window, int numrects, > SDL_Rect * rects); > void (*DestroyWindowFramebuffer) (_THIS, SDL_Window * window); Patch attached. The renderer for the DS is not used anymore, but I left the file in place if someone wants to finish it. I've also added a README.ds and fixed the spinlocks.

Simple DirectMedia Layer for Nintendo DS

The devkitpro SDK available at
Read the information at
The necessary packages are devkitARM, libnds and default arm7.

-Building SDL-
After setting the devkitpro environment, type:
  make -f Makefile.ds

This will compile and install the library and headers into the proper libnds directories.
Additionnaly it will compile the general test, that you can run either on the DS or with desmume:
  desmume test/nds-test-progs/general/general.nds

Note that the port is very basic and incomplete.