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Fixed bug 2069 - Device addition/removal queries all USB devices rather than only HID devices. Andreas Ertelt SDL_dxjoystick.c is setting the classguid for device (dis)connect events to USB Devices in general: dbh.dbcc_classguid = GUID_DEVINTERFACE_USB_DEVICE; Wouldn't it make more sense to have it just subscribe to Hid device events? This would mean less meaningless events reaching the application.

  Simple DirectMedia Layer
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#include "SDL_config.h"


/* DirectInput joystick driver; written by Glenn Maynard, based on Andrei de
 * A. Formiga's WINMM driver.
 * Hats and sliders are completely untested; the app I'm writing this for mostly
 * doesn't use them and I don't own any joysticks with them.
 * We don't bother to use event notification here.  It doesn't seem to work
 * with polled devices, and it's fine to call IDirectInputDevice2_GetDeviceData and
 * let it return 0 events. */

#include "../../core/windows/SDL_windows.h"

#define DIRECTINPUT_VERSION 0x0800      /* Need version 7 for force feedback. Need version 8 so IDirectInput8_EnumDevices doesn't leak like a sieve... */
#include <dinput.h>
#include <wbemcli.h>
#include <oleauto.h>
#include <xinput.h>
#include <devguid.h>
#include <dbt.h>

#define XUSER_INDEX_ANY     0x000000FF

/* typedef's for XInput structs we use */
typedef struct
    WORD wButtons;
    BYTE bLeftTrigger;
    BYTE bRightTrigger;
    SHORT sThumbLX;
    SHORT sThumbLY;
    SHORT sThumbRX;
    SHORT sThumbRY;
    DWORD dwPaddingReserved;

typedef struct
    DWORD dwPacketNumber;

/* Forward decl's for XInput API's we load dynamically and use if available */
typedef DWORD (WINAPI *XInputGetState_t)
    DWORD         dwUserIndex,  /* [in] Index of the gamer associated with the device */
    XINPUT_STATE_EX* pState     /* [out] Receives the current state */

typedef DWORD (WINAPI *XInputSetState_t)
    DWORD             dwUserIndex,  /* [in] Index of the gamer associated with the device */
    XINPUT_VIBRATION* pVibration    /* [in, out] The vibration information to send to the controller */

typedef DWORD (WINAPI *XInputGetCapabilities_t)
    DWORD                dwUserIndex,   /* [in] Index of the gamer associated with the device */
    DWORD                dwFlags,       /* [in] Input flags that identify the device type */
    XINPUT_CAPABILITIES* pCapabilities  /* [out] Receives the capabilities */

extern int WIN_LoadXInputDLL(void);
extern void WIN_UnloadXInputDLL(void);

extern XInputGetState_t SDL_XInputGetState;
extern XInputSetState_t SDL_XInputSetState;
extern XInputGetCapabilities_t SDL_XInputGetCapabilities;
extern DWORD SDL_XInputVersion;  /* ((major << 16) & 0xFF00) | (minor & 0xFF) */

#define XINPUTGETSTATE          SDL_XInputGetState
#define XINPUTSETSTATE          SDL_XInputSetState
#define XINPUTGETCAPABILITIES   SDL_XInputGetCapabilities

#define MAX_INPUTS  256     /* each joystick can have up to 256 inputs */

/* local types */
typedef enum Type

typedef struct input_t
    /* DirectInput offset for this input type: */
    DWORD ofs;

    /* Button, axis or hat: */
    Type type;

    /* SDL input offset: */
    Uint8 num;
} input_t;

/* The private structure used to keep track of a joystick */
struct joystick_hwdata
    DIDEVCAPS Capabilities;
    int buffered;
    SDL_JoystickGUID guid;

    input_t Inputs[MAX_INPUTS];
    int NumInputs;
    int NumSliders;
    Uint8 removed;
    Uint8 send_remove_event;
    Uint8 bXInputDevice; /* 1 if this device supports using the xinput API rather than DirectInput */
    Uint8 bXInputHaptic; /* Supports force feedback via XInput. */
    Uint8 userid; /* XInput userid index for this joystick */
    Uint8 currentXInputSlot; /* the current position to write to in XInputState below, used so we can compare old and new values */
    XINPUT_STATE_EX XInputState[2];