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Updated TODO list

1.3 release checklist:
 * Fill in current_w and current_h with desktop display mode
	([SDL] SDL_VideoInfo in 1.3 missing elements)
 * Implement YUV texture support
   - in progress, software support is done, Ryan is working on OpenGL shaders
 * Implement desktop video mode change notification?
 * Verify mouse grab support
 * Properly handle mouse grab with Vista DPI scaling
 * Make sure the mouse is where it's supposed to be when un-grabbed
 * Test native window codepath
 * Add keyboard enumeration / name query API

Wish list for the 1.3 development branch:

 * Add a way to register custom events
 * DirectInput joystick support needs to be implemented
 * Explicit vertical retrace wait (maybe separate from SDL_Flip?)
 * Shaped windows, windows without borders
 * Multiple display support
 * Add a timestamp to events
 * Add audio input API
 * Add modifier state to key and button events

In the jump from 1.2 to 1.3, we should change the SDL_Rect members to
int and evaluate all the rest of the datatypes.  This is the only place
we should do it though, since the 1.2 series should not break binary
compatibility in this way.

 * PCM and CDROM volume control (deprecated, but possible)