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Changed the Subversion README to Mercurial.

The latest development version of SDL is available via Mercurial.
Mercurial allows you to get up-to-the-minute fixes and enhancements;
as a developer works on a source tree, you can use "hg" to mirror that
source tree instead of waiting for an official release. Please look
at the Mercurial website ( ) for more
information on using hg, where you can also download software for
Mac OS X, Windows, and Unix systems.

  hg clone

If you are building SDL with an IDE, you will need to copy the file
include/SDL_config.h.default to include/SDL_config.h before building.

If you are building SDL via configure, you will need to run
before running configure.

There is a web interface to the subversion repository at:

There is an RSS feed available at that URL, for those that want to
track commits in real time.