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Get the correct screen bounds from xinerama

  Simple DirectMedia Layer
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#include "SDL_config.h"

#ifndef _SDL_x11modes_h
#define _SDL_x11modes_h

typedef struct
    int screen;
    Visual *visual;
    int depth;
    int scanline_pad;

    int use_xinerama;
    int use_xrandr;
    int use_vidmode;

    XineramaScreenInfo xinerama_info;
    int xinerama_screen;
    XRRScreenConfiguration *screen_config;
    int saved_size;
    Rotation saved_rotation;
    short saved_rate;
    XF86VidModeModeInfo saved_mode;
        int x, y;
    } saved_view;

} SDL_DisplayData;

extern int X11_InitModes(_THIS);
extern void X11_GetDisplayModes(_THIS, SDL_VideoDisplay * display);
extern int X11_SetDisplayMode(_THIS, SDL_VideoDisplay * display, SDL_DisplayMode * mode);
extern void X11_QuitModes(_THIS);

/* Some utility functions for working with visuals */
extern int X11_GetVisualInfoFromVisual(Display * display, Visual * visual,
                                       XVisualInfo * vinfo);
extern Uint32 X11_GetPixelFormatFromVisualInfo(Display * display,
                                               XVisualInfo * vinfo);
extern int X11_GetDisplayBounds(_THIS, SDL_VideoDisplay * sdl_display, SDL_Rect * rect);

#endif /* _SDL_x11modes_h */

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