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nasm 2.09 compatibility nasm-2.09 makes `elf' alias to `elf32', thus __OUTPUT_FORMAT__ macro becomes `elf32' instead of `elf' (on x86). Unmatched macro value causes omitting .note.GNU-stack marker and creates ELFs with executable stack. This is unneeded and attracts security policies like SELinux.

HERMES 1.2.4 (c)1998 Christian Nentwich (brn) (
and quite a few assembler routines (c) Glenn Fielder (

This library and all the files enclosed in this package are free software
under the terms of the GNU Library General Public License (LGPL). Please
refer to the included file COPYING.LIB for the exact terms.

This is a stripped down version of HERMES, including only the x86 assembler
converters, for use with Simple DirectMedia Layer.

The full HERMES library is available at: