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Sat, 23 Aug 2014 10:47:50 -0700
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Fixed bug 2696 - Mac: fix display mode refresh rate calculation Alex Szpakowski SDL's Cocoa backend uses the CGDisplayMode API to get refresh rate information about a display mode, but CGDisplayModeGetRefreshRate will return 0 on most non-CRT monitors. The only way I know of to get correct refresh rate information in OS X is via the CoreVideo DisplayLink API. I have attached a patch which tries to use the CVDisplayLinkGetNominalOutputVideoRefreshPeriod function if CGDisplayModeGetRefreshRate fails, which fixes display mode refresh rate information on the monitors I tested. The CVDisplayLink API requires linking with the CoreVideo framework, and the patch updates the various build files to do so.

Use the Xcode command files (located in the Xcode/build-scripts folder)
to conveniently generate a workspace for Xcode 3 or Xcode 4. It also
contains a cleaner script and a convenient script for automatically
running all the test suites.

If you use the script to automatically build the workspace file, you
need to open the workspace at least once after generating it, or it
will give errors that certain schema do not exist within the workspace.
Also, the script depends on Xcode command line tools being installed.

There are separate build files for building for i386 architecture
versus x86_64 architecture. There are separate build scripts for
Xcode 3 versus Xcode 4, but these just use the different toolchains.

There is a script for automatically running through all known supported
tests on that platform.

The Mac OS X projects currently have reliance on the following dependencies:


It will also link to OpenGL.framework, as the dependency function for OpenGL
assumes that OpenGL always exists on Mac OS X. However, this is defined in
a segmented way to allow the possibility of no OpenGL support on Mac OS X.

Run the clean script to clear out the directory of Xcode-related files
and binaries.