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Added release/acquire memory barriers to the atomic API * Added a destructor to clean up TLS memory at thread shutdown * Refactored the TLS code to have platform independent code and a small platform dependent core with a fallback to generic code if platform dependent functions fail. * Fixed recursion issues with SDL_GetErrBuf()

  Simple DirectMedia Layer
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#include "SDL_config.h"

/* These are functions that need to be implemented by a port of SDL */

#ifndef _SDL_systhread_h
#define _SDL_systhread_h

#include "SDL_thread.h"

/* This function creates a thread, passing args to SDL_RunThread(),
   saves a system-dependent thread id in thread->id, and returns 0
   on success.
extern int SDL_SYS_CreateThread(SDL_Thread * thread, void *args,
                                pfnSDL_CurrentBeginThread pfnBeginThread,
                                pfnSDL_CurrentEndThread pfnEndThread);
extern int SDL_SYS_CreateThread(SDL_Thread * thread, void *args);

/* This function does any necessary setup in the child thread */
extern void SDL_SYS_SetupThread(const char *name);

/* This function sets the current thread priority */
extern int SDL_SYS_SetThreadPriority(SDL_ThreadPriority priority);

/* This function waits for the thread to finish and frees any data
   allocated by SDL_SYS_CreateThread()
extern void SDL_SYS_WaitThread(SDL_Thread * thread);

/* Get the thread local storage for this thread */
extern SDL_TLSData *SDL_SYS_GetTLSData();

/* Set the thread local storage for this thread */
extern int SDL_SYS_SetTLSData(SDL_TLSData *data);

#endif /* _SDL_systhread_h */

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