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Date: Sat, 8 Sep 2001 04:42:23 +0200 From: Max Horn <> Subject: SDL/OSX: Joystick; Better key handling I just finished implementing improved keyhandling for OS X (in fact the code should be easily ported to the "normal" MacOS part of SDL, I just had no chance yet). Works like this: First init the mapping table statically like before. Them, it queries the OS for the "official" key table, then iterates over all 127 scancode and gets the associates ascii code. It ignores everythng below 32 (has to, as it would lead to many problems if we did not... e.g. both ESC and NUM LOCk produce an ascii code 27 on my keyboard), and all stuff above 127 is mapped to SDLK_WORLD_* simply in the order it is encountered. In addition, caps lock is now working, too. The code work flawless for me, but since I only have one keyboard, I may have not encountered some serious problem... but I am pretty confident that it is better than the old code in most cases. The joystick driver works fine for me, too. I think it can be added to CVS already. It would simply be helpful if more people would test it. Hm, I wonder if Maelstrom or GLTron has Joystick support? That would be a wonderful test application :) I also took the liberty of modifying some text files like BUGS, README.CVS, README.MacOSX (which now contains the OS X docs I long promised)

Using the Simple DirectMedia Layer with MacOS 7,8,9 on PPC

These instructions are for people using the Apple MPW environment:

CodeWarrior projects are available in the CWprojects directory.

I.  Building the Simple DirectMedia Layer libraries:
    (This step isn't necessary if you have the SDL binary distribution)

  First, unpack the MPWmake.sea.hqx archive and move SDL.make into the
  SDL directory.

  Start MPW

  Set the current directory within MPW to the SDL toplevel directory.

  Build "SDL"  (Type Command-B and enter "SDL" in the dialog)

  If everything compiles successfully, you now have the PPC libraries
  "SDL" and "SDLmain.o" in the 'lib' subdirectory.

II. Building the Simple DirectMedia Layer test programs:

  First, unpack the MPWmake.sea.hqx archive, move the new rsrc directory to
  the main SDL directory, and move the makefiles in the new test subdirectory
  to the SDL 'test' subdirectory.

  Start MPW

  Set the current directory within MPW to the SDL 'test' subdirectory.

  Build the programs that have an associated MPW makefile (file ending
  with .make), including "testwin", "testalpha", and "graywin".

  Copy the SDL library file into the test directory, and run!

III. Building the Simple DirectMedia Layer demo programs:

  Copy one of the test program Makefiles to the demo directory
  and modify it to match the sources in the demo.

IV.  Enjoy! :)

  If you have a project you'd like me to know about, or want to ask questions,
  go ahead and join the SDL developer's mailing list by sending e-mail to:

  and put "subscribe" into the subject of the message. Or alternatively you
  can use the web interface: