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Date: Fri, 13 Feb 2004 17:03:16 +0100 From: Max Horn Subject: Modifier key fix The internal modifier state can get out of sync with reality. To trigger this, do for example this: 1) Launch an SDL app 2) Alt-click on the desktop (this will hide the SDL app). 3) Bring the SDL app back to the front 4) SDL will still think alt is pressed (and as such will treat left clicks like middle clicks). If you press and release alt, it'll be fine again. The attached patch cures this by rechecking the modifier state whenever we process an event.

Simple DirectMedia Layer CREDITS
Thanks to everyone who made this possible, including:

* Cliff Matthews, for giving me a reason to start this project. :)
 -- Executor rocks!  *grin*

* Scott Call, for making a home for SDL on the 'Net... Thanks! :)

* The Linux Fund, C Magazine, and Gareth Noyce for financial contributions

* Gaëtan de Menten for writing the PHP and SQL behind the SDL website

* Martin Donlon for his work on the SDL Documentation Project

* Ryan Gordon for helping everybody out and keeping the dream alive. :)

* Mattias Engdegård, for help with the Solaris port and lots of other help

* Max Watson, Matt Slot, and Kyle for help with the MacOS Classic port

* Stan Shebs, for the initial MacOS X port

* Max Horn and Darrell Walisser for unflagging work on the MacOS X port

* Patrick Trainor, Jim Boucher, and Mike Gorchak for the QNX Neutrino port

* Carsten Griwodz for the AIX port

* Gabriele Greco, for the Amiga port

* Patrice Mandin, for the Atari port

* Hannu Viitala for the EPOC port

* Peter Valchev for nagging me about the OpenBSD port until I got it right. :)

* Kent B Mein, for a place to do the IRIX port

* Ash, for a place to do the OSF/1 Alpha port

* David Sowsy, for help with the BeOS port

* Eugenia Loli, for endless work on porting SDL games to BeOS

* Jon Taylor for the GGI front-end

* Paulus Esterhazy, for the Visual C++ testing and libraries

* Brenda Tantzen, for Metrowerks CodeWarrior on MacOS

* Chris Nentwich, for the Hermes assembly blitters

* Michael Vance and Jim Kutter for the X11 OpenGL support

* Stephane Peter, for the AAlib front-end and multi-threaded timer idea.

* Jon Atkins for great SDL_net and SDL_mixer documentation

* Peter Wiklund, for the 1998 winning SDL logo,
  and Arto Hamara, Steven Wong, and Kent Mein for other logo entries.

* Everybody at Loki Software, Inc. for their great contributions!

 And a big hand to everyone else who gave me appreciation, advice,
 and suggestions, especially the good folks on the SDL mailing list.


  -- Sam Lantinga			<>