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Date: Fri, 13 Feb 2004 17:03:16 +0100 From: Max Horn Subject: Modifier key fix The internal modifier state can get out of sync with reality. To trigger this, do for example this: 1) Launch an SDL app 2) Alt-click on the desktop (this will hide the SDL app). 3) Bring the SDL app back to the front 4) SDL will still think alt is pressed (and as such will treat left clicks like middle clicks). If you press and release alt, it'll be fine again. The attached patch cures this by rechecking the modifier state whenever we process an event.

This is the porting of 1.2.0 version of SDL (the latest stable one)
to AmigaOS/68k.

All the bugs known of the past version have been corrected. And I've
added all the new SDL features.

This version of SDL needs Cybergraphx V3 (r69+) or CyberGraphX V4
and AHI v3+. Probably it works also with P96 or CGXAga, but it's 

This version is available as linked library for SAS/C and GCC, only 68k this 
time, a powerup (ppcemu compatible) and a morphos version will be ready quite 
soon (i hope).


- 8/16/24/32bit video modes, both fullscreen and windowed.
- Hardware surfaces.
- CGX blitting acceleration.
- CGX colorkey blitting acceleration.
- AHI audio (8/16 bit, with any audio format), always uses unit 0 for now.
- Thread support (maybe not 100% compatible with other implementations)
- Semaphores 
- Window resizing and backdrop windows (NEW)
- Joystick/Joypad support.

To do:

- CDRom audio playing support
- OpenGL (A guy was working on it but I've lost his tracks :( )

The SAS/C library is distributed with debug info attached, to strip debug info 
simply add STRIPDEBUG argument to the linker.

NOTE: SDL includes debug output using kprintf, to disable it add to your 
project a function like this:

void kprintf(char *a,...)

Otherwise you can redirect the debug to a console window with sushi, sashimi or
similar tools (the default output is the internal serial port). 

For info, support, bugfix and other feel free to mail me:

Gabriele Greco (

You can find also a small SDL Amiga page at: