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Do a full sysroot for the Raspberry Pi buildbot. This gets us ALSA and X11, etc.

To compile and install SDL:

    1.  Windows with Visual Studio:
        * Read VisualC.html

        Windows with gcc, either native or cross-compiling:
        * Read the FAQ at
        * Run './configure; make; make install'

        Mac OS X with Xcode:
        * Read README-macosx.txt

        Mac OS X from the command line:
        * Run './configure; make; make install'

        Linux and other UNIX systems:
        * Run './configure; make; make install'

        * Read README-android.txt

        * Read README-ios.txt

        Using Cmake:
        * Read README-cmake.txt

    2.  Look at the example programs in ./test, and check out the online
        documentation at

    3.  Join the SDL developer mailing list by sending E-mail to
        and put "subscribe" in the subject of the message.

        Or alternatively you can use the web interface:

That's it!
Sam Lantinga <>