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Wayland support Based on the original port to Wayland by: Joel Teichroeb, Benjamin Franzke, Scott Moreau, et al. Additional changes in this commit, done by me: * Wayland uses the common EGL framework * EGL can now create a desktop OpenGL context * testgl2 loads GL functions dynamically, no need to link to libGL anymore * Assorted fixes to the Wayland backend Tested on the Weston Compositor (v1.0.5) that ships with Ubuntu 13.10, running Weston under X. Tests ran: testrendercopyex (all backends), testgl2, testgles2,testintersections

This is a list of major changes in SDL's version history.

* Added an API to load a database of Game Controller mappings from a file:    
* EGL can now create/manage OpenGL and OpenGL ES 1.x/2.x contexts, and share
* Added testgles2. testgl2 does not need to link with libGL anymore.
* Support for OpenGL ES 2.x contexts using either WGL or EGL (natively via
  the driver or emulated through ANGLE)

* Joystick support (minimum SDK version required to build SDL is now 12, 
  the required runtime version remains at 10, but on such devices joystick 
  support won't be available).
* Hotplugging support for joysticks

* Fixed fullscreen and focused behavior when receiving NotifyGrab events
* Wayland support


* Added an API to get common filesystem paths in SDL_filesystem.h:
    SDL_GetBasePath(), SDL_GetPrefPath()
* Added an API to do optimized YV12 and IYUV texture updates:
* Added an API to get the amount of RAM on the system:
* Added a macro to perform timestamp comparisons with SDL_GetTicks():
* Dramatically improved OpenGL ES 2.0 rendering performance

* Created a static library configuration for the Visual Studio 2010 project
* Added a hint to create the Direct3D device with support for multi-threading:
* Added a function to get the D3D9 adapter index for a display:
* Added a function to get the D3D9 device for a D3D9 renderer:
* Fixed building SDL with the mingw32 toolchain (mingw-w64 is preferred)
* Fixed crash when using two XInput controllers at the same time
* Fixed detecting a mixture of XInput and DirectInput controllers
* Fixed clearing a D3D render target larger than the window
* Improved support for format specifiers in SDL_snprintf()

Mac OS X:
* Added support for retina displays:
  Create your window with the SDL_WINDOW_ALLOW_HIGHDPI flag, and then use SDL_GL_GetDrawableSize() to find the actual drawable size. You are responsible for scaling mouse and drawing coordinates appropriately.
* Fixed mouse warping in fullscreen mode
* Right mouse click is emulated by holding the Ctrl key while left clicking

* Fixed float audio support with the PulseAudio driver
* Fixed missing line endpoints in the OpenGL renderer on some drivers
* X11 symbols are no longer defined to avoid collisions when linking statically

* Fixed status bar visibility on iOS 7
* Flipped the accelerometer Y axis to match expected values

IMPORTANT: You MUST get the updated SDLActivity.java to match C code
* Moved EGL initialization to native code 
* Fixed the accelerometer axis rotation relative to the device rotation
* Fixed race conditions when handling the EGL context on pause/resume
* Touch devices are available for enumeration immediately after init

Raspberry Pi:
* Added support for the Raspberry Pi, see README-raspberrypi.txt for details