author Ryan C. Gordon <>
Thu, 09 Apr 2015 22:33:39 -0400
changeset 9542 618662dc9e82
parent 7925 f090a47eb7f7
permissions -rwxr-xr-x
Closing the iOS-improvements branch.

# HG changeset patch
# User Ben Henning
# Date 1375901577 25200
#      Wed Aug 07 11:52:57 2013 -0700
# Node ID 1d820b5754a9bc79b5c4c6a26d1acc170ebf4784
# Parent  0af3bf0e3755477eafb247935db77b2765df2d19
Updated the GCC make option to handle its linker cmomand generation a bit
differently. Rather than putting the sibling libraries before the linker
flags, they are put after. This allows for some extra flexibility in putting
custom linker libraries before the list of sibling libraries, in case one of
them depends on it.

diff --git a/src/actions/make/make_cpp.lua b/src/actions/make/make_cpp.lua
--- a/src/actions/make/make_cpp.lua
+++ b/src/actions/make/make_cpp.lua
@@ -267,11 +267,12 @@
 				_p('  LINKCMD    = $(AR) -rcs $(TARGET) $(OBJECTS)')
+			-- Ben: changed order of ALL_LDFLAGS and LIBS (switched them)
 			-- this was $(TARGET) $(LDFLAGS) $(OBJECTS)
 			--  but had trouble linking to certain static libs so $(OBJECTS) moved up
 			-- then $(LDFLAGS) moved to end
-			_p('  LINKCMD    = $(%s) -o $(TARGET) $(OBJECTS) $(RESOURCES) $(ARCH) $(LIBS) $(ALL_LDFLAGS)', iif(cfg.language == "C", "CC", "CXX"))
+			_p('  LINKCMD    = $(%s) -o $(TARGET) $(OBJECTS) $(RESOURCES) $(ARCH) $(ALL_LDFLAGS) $(LIBS)', iif(cfg.language == "C", "CC", "CXX"))