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Closing the iOS-improvements branch.

  Simple DirectMedia Layer
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#include "../SDL_internal.h"

#ifndef _SDL_keyboard_c_h
#define _SDL_keyboard_c_h

#include "SDL_keycode.h"
#include "SDL_events.h"

/* Initialize the keyboard subsystem */
extern int SDL_KeyboardInit(void);

/* Clear the state of the keyboard */
extern void SDL_ResetKeyboard(void);

/* Get the default keymap */
extern void SDL_GetDefaultKeymap(SDL_Keycode * keymap);

/* Set the mapping of scancode to key codes */
extern void SDL_SetKeymap(int start, SDL_Keycode * keys, int length);

/* Set a platform-dependent key name, overriding the default platform-agnostic
   name. Encoded as UTF-8. The string is not copied, thus the pointer given to
   this function must stay valid forever (or at least until the call to
   VideoQuit()). */
extern void SDL_SetScancodeName(SDL_Scancode scancode, const char *name);

/* Set the keyboard focus window */
extern void SDL_SetKeyboardFocus(SDL_Window * window);

/* Send a keyboard key event */
extern int SDL_SendKeyboardKey(Uint8 state, SDL_Scancode scancode);

/* Send keyboard text input */
extern int SDL_SendKeyboardText(const char *text);

/* Send editing text for selected range from start to end */
extern int SDL_SendEditingText(const char *text, int start, int end);

/* Shutdown the keyboard subsystem */
extern void SDL_KeyboardQuit(void);

/* Convert to UTF-8 */
extern char *SDL_UCS4ToUTF8(Uint32 ch, char *dst);

#endif /* _SDL_keyboard_c_h */

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