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Thu, 10 May 2001 20:13:29 +0000
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Updated the Amiga OS port of SDL (thanks Gabriele)

This is the porting of 1.2.0 version of SDL (the latest stable one)
to AmigaOS/68k.

All the bugs known of the past version have been corrected. And I've
added all the new SDL features.

This version of SDL needs Cybergraphx V3 (r69+) or CyberGraphX V4
and AHI v3+. Probably it works also with P96 or CGXAga, but it's 

This version is available as linked library for SAS/C and GCC, only 68k this 
time, a powerup (ppcemu compatible) and a morphos version will be ready quite 
soon (i hope).


- 8/16/24/32bit video modes, both fullscreen and windowed.
- Hardware surfaces.
- CGX blitting acceleration.
- CGX colorkey blitting acceleration.
- AHI audio (8/16 bit, with any audio format), always uses unit 0 for now.
- Thread support (maybe not 100% compatible with other implementations)
- Semaphores 
- Window resizing and backdrop windows (NEW)
- Joystick/Joypad support.

To do:

- CDRom audio playing support
- OpenGL (A guy was working on it but I've lost his tracks :( )

The SAS/C library is distributed with debug info attached, to strip debug info 
simply add STRIPDEBUG argument to the linker.

NOTE: SDL includes debug output using kprintf, to disable it add to your 
project a function like this:

void kprintf(char *a,...)

Otherwise you can redirect the debug to a console window with sushi, sashimi or
similar tools (the default output is the internal serial port). 

For info, support, bugfix and other feel free to mail me:

Gabriele Greco (

You can find also a small SDL Amiga page at: