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Make sure we don't clip the cursor while clicking on the window title bar

  Simple DirectMedia Layer
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#include "../../SDL_internal.h"

#ifndef _SDL_windowswindow_h
#define _SDL_windowswindow_h

#include "../SDL_egl_c.h"

typedef struct
    SDL_Window *window;
    HWND hwnd;
    HDC hdc;
    HDC mdc;
    HBITMAP hbm;
    WNDPROC wndproc;
    SDL_bool created;
    WPARAM mouse_button_flags;
    BOOL expected_resize;
    SDL_bool in_title_click;
    SDL_bool in_modal_loop;
    struct SDL_VideoData *videodata;
    EGLSurface egl_surface;
} SDL_WindowData;

extern int WIN_CreateWindow(_THIS, SDL_Window * window);
extern int WIN_CreateWindowFrom(_THIS, SDL_Window * window, const void *data);
extern void WIN_SetWindowTitle(_THIS, SDL_Window * window);
extern void WIN_SetWindowIcon(_THIS, SDL_Window * window, SDL_Surface * icon);
extern void WIN_SetWindowPosition(_THIS, SDL_Window * window);
extern void WIN_SetWindowSize(_THIS, SDL_Window * window);
extern void WIN_ShowWindow(_THIS, SDL_Window * window);
extern void WIN_HideWindow(_THIS, SDL_Window * window);
extern void WIN_RaiseWindow(_THIS, SDL_Window * window);
extern void WIN_MaximizeWindow(_THIS, SDL_Window * window);
extern void WIN_MinimizeWindow(_THIS, SDL_Window * window);
extern void WIN_RestoreWindow(_THIS, SDL_Window * window);
extern void WIN_SetWindowBordered(_THIS, SDL_Window * window, SDL_bool bordered);
extern void WIN_SetWindowFullscreen(_THIS, SDL_Window * window, SDL_VideoDisplay * display, SDL_bool fullscreen);
extern int WIN_SetWindowGammaRamp(_THIS, SDL_Window * window, const Uint16 * ramp);
extern int WIN_GetWindowGammaRamp(_THIS, SDL_Window * window, Uint16 * ramp);
extern void WIN_SetWindowGrab(_THIS, SDL_Window * window, SDL_bool grabbed);
extern void WIN_DestroyWindow(_THIS, SDL_Window * window);
extern SDL_bool WIN_GetWindowWMInfo(_THIS, SDL_Window * window,
                                    struct SDL_SysWMinfo *info);
extern void WIN_OnWindowEnter(_THIS, SDL_Window * window);
extern void WIN_UpdateClipCursor(SDL_Window *window);

#endif /* _SDL_windowswindow_h */

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